Liaison supplies data where and when it is needed

Text: Sofie Lundmark    Photo: Sigrid Malmgren

Having the right amount of the right thing. At the right time, in the right place, for the right price, in the right condition, for the right customer. Liaison is one of the world’s leading players in the area of cloud-based solutions for the supply and management of data.

There are many similarities between a physical supply chain and a distribution chain for data,” says Mikko Soirola, SVP Sales & Marketing Europe at Liaison Technologies:

“When you need to send a parcel somewhere in the world, it’s unlikely that you would go and purchase a cargo plane. You instead get subcontractors to carry out the task in a safe, efficient and cost-saving manner. The same principle applies when data needs to be moved from point A to point B.”

The amount of data that exists has increased enormously in recent years. There are no indications
that the quantity will fall – it is instead likely to accelerate. Ongoing developments, combined with the fact that the system environment has become more complex, give rise to an increased need for service-based delivery models for providing data integration solutions when and where they are needed. Liaison Technologies calls this model Data as a Service.

“By outsourcing the movement of data, our customers can focus on their core business instead of solving challenges relating to the transportation and management of data. Additionally, it creates opportunities to break down silos and work in a cross-functional way. Our strategy is to offer data logistics as a complete service via which our customers can order data deliveries. In order to track deliveries and ensure full visibility for our customers, we have, among other things, developed a proprietary tool called LENS.”

As the amount of data increases, the risks posed by hacking and the disclosure of confidential information also increase. Many parties involved need to equip themselves in order to protect sensitive information.

“It is not a secure solution if a company tries to take care of the security issue in its own IT systems. By choosing a supplier that offers a certified infrastructure for your data management, you are guaranteed IT security, and also achieve cost savings and maximum resource efficiency.”

Mikko has worked at Liaison for just over eight years. He describes it as an exciting journey, not least because the company has quadrupled in size during that time. Liaison is now one of the largest global players in its field.

“When I joined the company, we received orders for about one million Swedish kronor, whereas we are now working with contracts worth more than ten million. That says something about how the market has evolved in just eight years. In particular the most successful companies are ready to invest in Data as a Service. We’re currently providing solutions for large companies in the fields of retail, finance, insurance, oil and gas.”

Liaison has four offices in Europe, one of which is in Sweden. Compared to many other European countries, Sweden is a clear leader in terms of innovation and technology, which makes it a particularly interesting market for Liaison Technologies:

“Sweden‘s sectors and industries generally have understood what it takes to be competitive. Our vision is that all businesses should be driven by data, which is something we enable with our solutions,” concludes Mikko.

Company facts

Liaison Technologies develops data integration solutions for managing and securing critical business data – on site or in the cloud. It has customers in a wide variety of industry sectors, including healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, logistics, the automotive industry and financial services. Companies are helped to overcome some of today‘s toughest challenges – while solid foundations for meeting the requirements of tomorrow are also created.

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